What is Drip Coffee Packaging Bag?

Drip coffee bag feature some of latest packing techniques for single serve coffee and offer coffee lovers a fresh and simple way to enjoy their favorite drink.

Now,we would like to show you this single-serving coffee filter(also call drip coffee packaging bag) — with the coffee already inside. Like a tea bag, there is enough ground coffee beans in the drip coffee packaging bag for a single cup. How does it work: The perforated edge along the top of the filter is torn off and as the filter is opened up, tabs pop out with hooks that allow it to be balanced securely on the cup’s rim. Just pour in hot water slowly and you will have a quick and enjoyable cup of drip coffee!

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Process of packaging

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 How to Prepare Only 3 Steps

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Facts about the Drip Coffee Packaging bag Market

The drip coffee packaging bag was born in Japan in the 1990’s and has grown to become one of the standard styles of single serve coffee. Presently, sales of drip coffee bag have topped 1.4 billion annually (2016) and their popularity has been seen expanding throughout Asian countries such as China.

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